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A Bride's Guide to Surviving Quarantine

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Between cancelled events, postponed dates, stay-at-home orders, and daily changes from our local government, it is an accomplishment if you got out of bed today! Taking care of yourself is a number one priority during a time like this. Staying healthy is super important, and you should never underestimate the power of washing your hands. But don’t forget about your mental health too! Taking the time to decompress, relax, and refocus your energy is crucial when shelter-in-place seems like it will never end. Whether you’re a bride who has already had to postpone, a couple who is uncertain about the future of their wedding, or someone who is simply going stir crazy, we’ve gathered our best self-care & quarantine ideas for brides & couples who are trying to stay zen during this global crisis.

5. R E A C H O U T get assistance

No matter how many bubble baths you take or workouts you do, we understand that this time is really daunting for everyone. With all of the major things going on in the world, it is easy to feel guilt that you are worrying about a wedding. You have to remember that your feelings are valid, and you truly do deserve the wedding of your dreams. If you think you need help juggling your wedding-related tasks, Southern Enchantments is offering consultations to help brides that need to postpone their wedding. We would love to work with you to offer the perfect planning package to alleviate the stress of rescheduling your event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you!

Southern Enchantments COVID-19 Blog Post with Resources:

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5. C U R L U P get cozy

The good thing about shelter-in-place is that you can take full advantage of being stuck inside. Quality time is so rare these days, and who isn’t looking for an excuse to lounge on the couch for hours on end? (Maybe that’s just me). Quarantined w/ your fiance? Science suggests that cozying up with your partner can reduce anxiety and improve your sleep. However, getting cuddly on the couch doesn’t mean you have to accomplish nothing. Light a candle and dive into a new book. If you want to brush up on your wedding design or simply read a murder mystery novel, there are tons of books that will let your mind wander. Another option for non-bookworms and bookworms alike is listening to music! Go through different playlists on Spotify or Apple Music and fine tune your song requests for your wedding DJ or band! You can really pinpoint what vibe you want to portray or how you can utilize your musical choices to compliment your overall wedding day aesthetic.

Our pick: Looking for new books to read? We recommend Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club. Every month, Reese shares her new book selection and her choices never seem to disappoint. Plus, Hello Sunshine is a media company that highlights and empowers female business owners, authors, and beyond. How cool is that!

4. I N D U L G E get pampered

Who says you can’t spoil yourself a little bit? Whether new shoes or decadent desserts are your love language, give yourself freedom to splurge on the luxuries that make you feel special. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, this will be over eventually. You can use this opportunity to prepare for your re-entrance to the social scene by shopping online for a new statement piece for your wardrobe. And while your wedding events might be postponed, there are still bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners to be had in the future. Perfect your bridal looks for all the major events on your horizon by perusing your favorite stores online. You can also indulge by whipping up some new recipes in the kitchen. There is something so satisfying about eating something homemade! With nothing but time on our hands, this is a great time to try new things and decipher which recipes to keep in your stockpile and which ones to forget. Better yet, give yourself the best of both worlds by cooking up a storm, slipping into one of your new outfits, and having a simulation date night right in the comfort of your home!

Our pick: If browsing shoes is your thing…same! This shared Pinterest board is updated frequently with all different types of wedding shoes. They have styles for every kind of bride and the major shoe inspo will help you think outside of the box -

3. C R E A T E get inspired

Channeling creative energy is an excellent way to cope with the uncertainties of the times. We often neglect our creativity because we feel we don’t have enough time to explore our imaginations or pick up a new project. Tackle that home renovation project you’ve been considering. Unleash the potential behind your “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board by crafting or working on those DIY details. Are you writing your own wedding vows or exchanging letters with your fiancé on your wedding day? Use this time to write! If you prefer to forget about wedding planning for a while, write a letter to your best friend or simply journal about your day.

Our pick: Try your hand at calligraphy with YouTube Channel “Calligraphy Masters” - or just watch their compilation videos. It is super soothing.

2. S W E A T get moving

There is no denying the benefit that exercise has on the brain. Utilize this time inside to try a work out you’ve been too shy to do at the gym or revisit a familiar one that pumps you up. A good sweat will release those endorphins and help you get some quality sleep at night. There are a lot of awesome options out there from YouTube to Instagram and beyond. If “sweating for the wedding” isn’t your cup of tea, you can get moving with your partner by picking up the basics of a ballroom dance style or learning some new tricks to spice up your Texas Two-Step. There are plenty of options from HIIT workouts to walking your dog, so just keep moving! Your body (and mind!) will thank you.

Our pick: We love Dallas ballerina, Brianna Moriarty’s, “Core-antine” Pilates Mat classes on Instagram Live. Brianna and her partner-in-crime, Katie Pilone, live stream classes on their business account @popuppilatesusa for free! // Their upcoming classes are Monday, April 6 at 11am , Wednesday, April 8 at 12pm and Friday, April 10 at 12pm (all central time). Check their account for future classes! Their bubbly personalities and killer workouts are sure to lift your spirits.

1. U N W I N D get rested

Change the scenery from your living room by taking a luxurious soak in the tub with your favorite drink. A warm bath can promote improved oxygen intake and release the tension in your muscles from the seven hours you spent on your couch watching Tiger King. Another way to benefit your breathing is to find a quiet space to practice meditation. Hop over to YouTube for a guided meditation or get into your own headspace by guiding yourself through a session. Last but certainly not least, simulate a spa day at your own place. Give yourself a mani/pedi, deep condition your hair, and don’t forget a face mask. Taking the extra step to care for your appearance will help return your mind to a state of normalcy.

Our pick: DIY Oatmeal Honey Mask - If you are looking for a DIY face mask that will hydrate, cool, and brighten up your skin, look no further than your kitchen.

Combine: 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of oatmeal, and 1 tbs of greek yogurt in a bowl. On clean skin, spread the mixture evenly and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and enjoy the glow!

*We will be posting additional content every other day for the next few weeks on how to survive quarantine. Be sure to also check out our Instagram stories to see these tips and tricks in action.

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