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Getting to know the faces behind Southern Enchantments

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Hey there! We’re so excited you’re here.

Here at Southern Enchantments we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and the love and passion we put into each one of our couple’s special day. That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to the amazing ladies that make this company possible. We hope you learn a little more about each of us and we hope to learn more about you too!

I’m Morgan, Owner and Lead Planner of Southern Enchantments. My event and design career began several years ago when I started as an Event Planner for a small Dallas based company. Funnily enough, this is when I met, Monica (Lead Planner for Southern Enchantments)! My love for the details and wedding design pushed me to take a leap of faith and start on this incredible journey.

I’m engaged to the love of my life, Nik and will be tying the knot in October of this year. To any future brides, I can relate to your excitement (and stresses!) of planning your own wedding. I am a University of Iowa Alum, where I studied Communications and Human Relations. Last spring, I also became a Trained Wedding Planner through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and am currently a member of the organization. When I am not meeting with my sweet couples or working on wedding designs you can find me spending time with my closest friends and family, German Shepard, Mila and adopted kitty, Keira.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am currently taking an iPad sketching course to further my event design skills

  • My fiancé and I are born 364 days apart

  • I am obsessed with all thing’s true crime (my favorite podcast is My Favorite Murder)

  • My all-time favorite TV show is Charmed (the original)

  • I am a sushi fanatic and could eat it everyday

Hey there all you sweet love birds! I’m Monica, a Lead Planner of Southern Enchantments! Let me start by saying congratulations! If your reading this, I think it’s safe to assume you’re either engaged, hoping to become engaged, or maybe you’ve got a super exciting non-wedding event coming up! Either way, I’m so glad you made it here! A bit about me: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from UT Dallas with a degree in Marketing & Business Management. I’ve been married since October 2018, and I have a sweet black cat named Mr. Lala! I’ve always believed that love & happiness are such beautiful and valuable things in life so after graduating and getting some event planning experience I naturally gravitated towards creating this business with Morgan. It’s been an awesome adventure and each event has their own unique sense of loveliness! Hope I get to help be a part of yours!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • My husband and I’s birthdays are 8 days apart

  • I love to make homemade juices

  • My favorite cake flavor is strawberry with chocolate icing

  • I am also a special events manager at Dave & Buster’s headquarters

  • Morgan and I met as unpaid event planning interns for a company years ago

  • I thought Mr. Lala was a girl for the first 3 months of his life

I'm Karissa! A bride-to-be, soon-to-be wifey, future Mrs. Threadgill and dog mom. Yes, I'm a little excited! We recently adopted a black lab and named her Rally Ray. She is so much fun. I love everything marketing, sales and events. I spent two years at Texas Tech (wreck em) and finished up my marketing degree at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am now a Catering Sales Manager for the cutest concept, Original ChopShop and adore being a wedding assistant for THE day of all days.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Hobbies include collecting cookbooks, pinterest-ing & true-crime podcasts

  • I like pineapple on my pizza & pairing it with jalapeños while I'm at it

  • 80s movies and Leonardo DiCaprio. That is all.

I’m Natalie, Assistant Wedding Planner for Southern Enchantments! I am currently in my first year of working with Southern Enchantments and joined as an intern in January after retiring from my performing career as a professional ballet dancer. I love socializing, pretty things, and over-planning, so transitioning into a role in wedding planning & event coordination was pretty much a match made in heaven! Outside of Southern Enchantments you can find me teaching ballet, running, and listening to podcasts.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am an aspiring world traveler and have flown overseas by myself multiple times. Some of my favorite places that I have visited include Italy & Australia

  • In 1997 I was on the cover of Disney's Vacation Clube Magazine

  • I won my sixth-grade spelling bee

  • I planned my own wedding in 2019 & got married this past July

Hi, I’m Darby! I grew up in the beautiful Colorado Springs and moved to Texas almost 3 years ago! Texas has been quite an adventure for me. I’ve taken on new career paths that I never thought I would love so much! In the process I have also developed so many new passions. I’m currently a Social Media Director and Corporate Trainer for one of Front Burner’s well-known restaurants, Ida Claire! Outside of this role, I also get the pleasure of being a Wedding Assistant for Southern Enchantments!! There is something so special about all the small wedding details coming together to create the larger picture that excites me so much! I hope to be a part of your magical day!

Fun facts About Me:

  • I eat Mac and cheese with a spoon

  • I have never been out of the country but when I do the first place I’m going is Ireland

  • I’m a huge foodie! I will try anything!

  • I have an extreme obsession with hobby lobby candles

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